Engine mount design

Information on mounting the Apex motor in Aircraft of various types
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Engine mount design

Post by Mitchell »

Guess I’ll kick off this forum with something I’m working on. Is there a consensus that the engine mount has to be 1 solid unit? I’m working on a zenith 601xlb and like most planes only has 4 attach points on the firewall. I was planning on making a left and right side. Would having them be 2 separate units actually allow a twisting motion between the engine and firewall? The way the mounts are on the engine I wouldn’t for-see this being an issue; but for safety sake should I put a cross bar at the top (only place there’s room for one) to join both sides of my engine mount together?

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Re: Engine mount design

Post by Yamma-Fox »

There have been many successful examples of two piece mounts. The engine does the job of "tying the two together"

To eliminate twist you will want to triangulate support by running two tubes off each firewall location to as far fwd and aft on the large engine "side tubes"

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Post by ThomasSuiLl »

This is for a Franklin engine. The engine mount is in excellent shape, primed and ready for paint.
I also have metal straps for the attachments to the firewall if needed. There may also be other metal parts.
Send me your needs and I'll see what we have.

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Post by Joshuadub »

I had one of my bolts break off W40 that holds the engine mount in place to the engine, see "W40 engine mounts" on our forum. The mounts just get stiffer with age and probably puts a great deal of strain on anything related to it, easy enough to change the mounts though,


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Post by RonaldLuple »

You have to change the mounts from the Metro to the ones from the Mini, Im sort of assuming you have done that, the fan end mount has a bracket for the radiator am I right? Have you used new engine mounts? If so that is likely to be your problem they are an illegitimate child to fit. First time I fitted new mounts I thinnk it took nearly 3 hours

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Post by Helganden »

One way how I prevent them from breaking the sides of the front clip mount is by taking medical tape and gluing it to the sides. I also glue the tape to any part of the front of the body that flexes usually where the tires hit.

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